We'll manage


sales and fulfillment

for you.

As seasoned e-commerce professionals, we partner with you to bring your products to the most powerful competing online marketplaces, at no cost to you.  We purchase your items, prepare them for fulfillment, and optimize product listings across marketplaces to increase sales while maintaining your desired product pricing. 


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We manage the intricacies of the multi-channel e-commerce puzzle, including inventory tracking, customer service, product questions, shipment tracking, and returns.  If a product doesn't sell as expected, we keep it.


We use Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) to offer 2-day Prime shipping on all eligible items.  Items not stored in the Amazon FBA network are housed in our warehouse, where we fulfill incoming orders from dozens of competing marketplaces such as Wal-mart, Rakuten, eBay, and our own retail websites.  If you prefer one marketplace over another (or want to avoid one), we respect your wishes.  Likewise, we anticipate that you'll make sales on your own website.  We work with you, as a trusted business partner.  We honor MAP policies, and we're available to help enforce them when needed.

Whether your products already sell on multiple online channels or you're just getting started, we will help you get the most out of e-commerce, without costly onboarding fees .  

Get The

Amazon Prime


We use Amazon as one of our main platforms due to the high velocity of traffic and sales it offers.  The statistics about Amazon Prime speak for themselves (Forbes, 2018):

  • 70% of Americans with incomes of $150,000 or more who shop online have Amazon Prime memberships

  • 46% of Amazon Prime subscribers buy something online using the benefits of their subscription at least once a week. In contrast, only 13% of non-Prime Amazon shoppers make weekly purchases.

  • Amazon accounts for 49% of all online purchases, easily surpassing its competitors like Ebay (6%), Apple (3.9%) and Wal-mart (3.7%).  (Tech Crunch, 2018)


Warehouse Shelves

Best of all, the huge, fast-growing Amazon customer base is available to businesses of any size, through the Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) program.   Your products can be available via Amazon Prime, tapping in to this loyal and ever-growing network of customers.


By partnering with Fresh Focus, your business can reach more people.  We've already done the hard work of learning how to sell most effectively on Amazon, handle common issues, and navigate the system. 

Let's discuss what we can achieve together!



Fresh Focus

Our combined experiences in customer service management, business analysis, software development, and entreprenuership led us to online sales starting in 2011.  We've sold on many platforms over the years, and still do, but when we realized we could work within the powerful Amazon fulfillment network, our business started booming. 

Using Amazon's own website, warehouses, and immense customer traffic, we started offering Amazon Prime 2-day shipping for the products we sell.  We noticed immediately that customers will pay a premium for items they can't find locally, especially if the order will arrive at their doorstep in two days.  As Amazon Prime customers ourselves, we love the freedom of ordering what we need and knowing it will arrive two days later. 


We've saved lots of time and gas money by using our Amazon Prime membership instead of a trip to the store! It's no wonder our business grew so fast when we started selling on Amazon FBA.

As our business grew, we realized we wanted additional redundancy and security in our business model, beyond the Amazon network.  We expanded our warehouse capacity in order to fulfill more orders ourselves, allowing us to branch out to more e-commerce sales channels.  We invested in systems and software to give us a competitive edge, in some cases creating our own automated solutions.


We enjoy helping small to medium sized businesses grow through our relationships.  We're happy to be the "e-commerce experts" on behalf of your business.

We look forward to partnering with you!

Rachael & Alden Snow

Fresh Focus LLC